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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
I'm referring to the horizontal menu bar running near the top of the page with "BMW" , "BMW ///M" , "MINI", "BLOG, "ABOUT US." The font on the menu bar is grey, and is practically invisible against the black menu bar.

Notably i'm using Google Chrome as my browser.

On that topic, when I switch to another webpages tab on my chrome browser, and then switch back to your tab, your webpage is not there for some reason (instead it shows the website of the previous tab i was looking at), OR your website will finally pop up after5 or 6 seconds. This doesn't happen with any other website that I'm using.. only yours. Very weird.

Good luck.
Thanks for the detail and the screenshot!

Originally Posted by StuttgartM3 View Post
Looks good, here are a few critiques. Your entire header + menu bar looks like it is having a seizure when I scroll around to different menu items (does not happen on android browser). Quite distracting, responsive design is nice but needs some tweaking. Most users will still be visiting on full size modern systems with large resolution displays. A full site/mobile site may (just an opinion) be a better solution.

Also the "hottest parts" slider is not staying within the container at low resolutions or in microbrowsers. Site does not expand to fill browser when device is rotated horizontal. Finally, just a nitpick but you have one tiny little pixel of white in the upper right corner of the logo. Viewed on Safari and Android Browser.
Thank you for pointing those out. We haven't optimized the site for mobile use yet, which is something we will be doing soon for sure!

Also thanks for pointing out the glitch in the Hottest Parts slider, we'll take a look and see whats causing it.