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Originally Posted by Subw00er View Post
It is a pretty involved process to go through a lemon law. You need to show repeated attempts to fix and the problem has to be obvious. It is possible there is nothing wrong with the car, and the owner was really anal, but unless you can get it cheap, its probably not worth the headache. Might be interesting to get printouts of the service records, since they must exist for the repeat visits - not sure if its possible for you to get them.

Keep in mind that CARFAX does not update right away, so check to see when the car hit their lot.
Also, BMW do buy backs to avoid having the car show up as a lemon. After the buy back, they put it on the lot or bring it to auction. A buy-back won't qualify as a CPO car. That alone would make me second guess they went through the effort/cost of buying the car back when nothing is wrong with it.