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Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
Funny thing is, you can go to your neighbors and tell him if he wants a real performance car he could have gotten a Chevrolet Corvette for tens of thousands less. I'd love to hear you dog the new c6, whether it be the LS3 or the Z06. The z06 will smoke a turbo porsche on the drag, or on the road course for half the price. But they are probably also garbage. You can talk about your brother's cars, but I have plenty of friends with brand new Corvettes running into the low 11s N/A with 0 problems. They also road race them and embarass Porsche drivers! So maybe you should go over to your neighbors house and tell him. The truth is, if all my friends didn't already own brand new Corvettes I'd probably be getting one myself, but they are boring to me now.
how old are you ?!? 6.5?

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Still imagine the number of farts cloth seats absorb over 4 years???