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Hey guys so a ticket was given to me, and it had my last name spelt wrong. Does that mean the ticket it voided? I mean they had the detail of my car and stuff, but it's a federal piece of documents.

I honestly didn't do anything wrong. I was being boxed in by the person in front of me, and he purposely did that to make me angry because I was driving closer than usual to them. They were doing 70 in a 80 zone on glenmore and then when they were exiting, I was finally able to move onto the other lane in order to resume my speed of 85-90kmh and as I went by my temper kinda went off and I honked at them. And mind you, I was only in interference with this one car that had 4 adults in there. Anyways so right after I honked, they stopped their "exiting" and crossed back over and started following me. I then got a call from the cops saying that "numerous people have reported you to be driving unsafe" and the cops found me and pulled me over (I wasn't trying to hide... I was just going to pick up some naan from an Indian restaurant) and they issued me two tickets, One for careless driving and one for following to close. I personally believe this is complete bullshit and I'm pretty angry, I have never really broken the laws and I hate how I did one small thing that isn't even illegal and I get $600 in fine.
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