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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
Steering wheel vibration at 80 mph is a common problem with the M3. The car is very sensitive at that speed. I always make sure I have the wheels / tires road force balanced, torque the lugs with the wheels in the air or with only slight weight on them (front wheels are hard to torque without lowering the car to the point that the tire touches the ground slightly), and of course have them test the wheels / tires for bends and run-out. Unfortunately I have experienced slight vibration even when all of the above listed things are done right. Sometimes it's paranoia on my part and really only due to the road surface. Make sure you are on a very smooth road to test. The M3 is designed to have excellent road feel which translates into road surface imperfections transmitting to the steering wheel.
^ You are dead on with your diagnosis!

I went from Contis to PSS and ran into all of the above problems. I agree with the above - especially your comment about road surface and paranoia.

I know this is crazy, but I also get less vibration at 80 when I use RAD wheels locks instead of the BMW locks.

Bottom line, this car is tight and you feel everything!