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Originally Posted by amg135i View Post
The only differences between the 135 and 1M are a few body panels, the M3 suspension components, LSD and that's basically it. Still the n54 w/ a slight power bump. But with a tune you can far surpass that hp/tq mark.
The reason I mentioned the 1M was because I remember reading on 1addcits (this is a little while ago though) that the 1M had improved engine components as well.

I personally never cared much for the 1M (not cause I Don't like it, but because it was never anything 'special' in my eyes, so I didn't care to learn/read up too much on it), so my info on it is less than reliable.

But I thought that, in order to get the power bump, they did more than just add LSD and m3 suspension parts (not talking about the cosmetic parts).

If I'm wrong, then oopsies :P

But you guys ignored my question as to why hasn't there been a completely CF M3 yet.. (or if there has.... then I haven't seen it)