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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I find driving in rush hour traffic in California far more risky than my time at the track. I'm actually tense driving in traffic because of other drivers around me while I'm completely calm and relaxed at the track.

I'll take a controlled environment with generally decent drivers over uncontrolled surrounded by people who should have never gotten a driver's license in the first place.
I dont understand what people mean when they are talking about risk.
perhaps they watched too much nascar, but in reality you are more likely to crash on your daily commute or going to/coming back from the track than on it.
Just pick a well organized group to run with (PCA and PBOC are the ones I ran with) and if you are just starting, you will have an instructor sit with you in the car.
These cars have traction and stability control, so leave those on and use common sense and judgment and you'll be ok.
I tracked my 2003 911 GT2 and never had any issues.
And this car has ~600 hp and only ABS as driver aid.
Not to say that I'm such a great driver, but take it easy at first and it will be an enjoyable experience.