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This would be awesome if it came about. I'd gladly pay for special coverage.

While I don't especially like SPEED's coverage, it's all I've known, and I set my alarm clock for practice, qualifying, and the race EVERY race. I LOVE F1.

I suspect NBC will show only the race, and probably not live, and it will be filled with commercials and much much worse than it is now. I actually only dislike all the commercials, which are out of control.

On a 1/2 hour show, maybe MAYBE 11-12 minutes is actually show. Then there's the commercials that are obscenely loud, forcing you to constantly adjust the volume.

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They should do it like the German's broadcast F1 over here. There are TWO channels that carry F1 coverage. One is on public TV, ie: RTL (Radio Tv Luxemburg). RTL will interrupt the race for tv commercials thru out the race. Or you can subscribe on pay tv channel - with NO commercials!

You can choose HOW you want to watch the race! Choosing from 16(or so) incar cameras and pit lane cameras. You can split your TV screen and set it up to view your favorite team. You can even turn on(audio) what is said from the car to the pits. It is all VERY cool! F1 is big money over here. And people will gladly pay per month for their cable/sat tv which includes "pay for view" F1 and Soccer games.