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Hello, M3 Fighter Pilots!!

After one month, I made a set of this "KAIZEN Version".
(Because I had tested the thermal capacity of this DIY parts on my car.)

It has the "Cool While" color and it has the enough brightness under daytime and nighttime.

This "KAIZEN Version" with High-Power LED has some advantages.

It is easy to install than another Angel-Eye DIY. (e.g. install the H8 HID.)

And the most important advantage is that it do not hurt any body parts. (e.g. cut out the lid of headlamp unit and re-wire some cables.)


By the way,

After I had posted this DIY, one of the manufacturers announced a new product.

It is called "WHITE RING M3 Doping Edition".
(Now, there is no detailed page, only announced it's name.)

The manufacturer is one of "Chinese" companies.
(It feigns that it is ".jp" domain, but...)

I'm very very much looking forward to that "What kind of shape does it have???" and "What advantage does it have???".

"Copy Design Heaven in Shanghai Motor Show 2009"
"Is this BMW?? No!! This is BYD."
"Is this Mercedes?? No!! This is BYD."

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