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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
If that's your best guess it is uninformed and a low speed attempt at a comeback retort. Not successful.

Judge Nobama's effectiveness at executing his personal agenda by how happy the people are that voted for him...they aren't.

Clue--President Bush is no longer in office. I know you miss him but the nation's miseries belong to you know who. But he's already been derailed by changes in the congress and very soon the rest will get fixed.
1 - If that guess was uninformed, then either your quote "..and he's not good enough to get the job done. Hell, he and his team can't even execute what he wants to do, much less design, execute and sustain the actions necessary to secure this country" was wrong, or you don't give Obama credit for killing Bin Laden. Because killing Bin Laden, by even the most stringent of right-wing haters, was a monumental foreign policy achievement. So, if you don't think it was, then my assertion was not uniformed. And if my comment was uniformed, then you're admitting that the above quote is wrong. So, which is it?

2 - That's how we judge his effectiveness? You think this country is in the place that even HE wants it to be? HAH! If he could have gotten his whole agenda through Congress with no objections, amendments, etc, THEN we can judge the regret. The only thing I regret is not having a different Congress to work with. I don't blame this President.

3 - This is what you don't understand. Bringing GWB into this conversation is INCREDIBLY relevant, since we're discussing Libya versus other "wars" and "incursions." The "Nation's misery"? How miserable of a person are you. I don't think this country is miserable.

I think those that are miserable are just the loudest screamers.
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