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Awww, I like Nobama, it says so much in so little space.

Just a second....nope, checked my book of people who get to counsel me and, you're not in it. Sorry.

And do remember your interpretation when dems stay home in droves on election day. Without a miracle, he's dead man walking already. He's a total failure at everything he ran to accomplish and, in the right light, he's looking a lot like Dubya these days.

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
First, if you want to post in a public forum, drop the "Nobama". We're all adults, get rid of the bumper-sticker childishness.

The reason Obama voters aren't happy is as follows:
- he tried to close Guantanamo, repubs shot it down.
- it took a long time to get a watered-down version of healthcare reform, because of repubs.
- the repubs held-up "don't ask, don't tell".
- as predicted, jobs are the last to come back after a recession, and those without jobs are understandably unhappy with the economy.
- the gov't keeps almost shutting down because repubs keep moving the line in the sand for budget compromises.