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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
LOL angry 328 owner... as usual!!!!!

talk all about your N/A motor, but you will never be fast (unless you BOOST it) see what im saying?

FOR THAT TIME yes the e30 M3 was amazing, but it was the first M car, M's are more then about the engine.... plus BMW hasnt made a turbo engine until the N54. You act like if they threw a turbo in there it would suck. Its like arguing why put automatics in M's. Get over it!!!!!

Look how many AMAZING turbo cars their are and how they actually propelled in performance. most cars that are N/A, and modding communities, know that if they want to mod their car for HP, throwing a supercharger or turbo is the answer. built motor set-ups usually cost more then a turbo kit.

Its about preference, why is bmw forces turbos upon us? Does it make sense to make a V8-V10 which is heavier, uses more gas, and similar hp then a turbo I6?

have you had a turbo car?

Why do you think 335i owners are so "arrogant" and are "pricks" basically throwing a turbo(s) makes it into a much faster car while retaining good MPG. We only lose in reliability (bmws fault)

335i and the e46 M3's have an identical 0-60 time or better. While the 335i weighs more and has less HP. How is that possible? Turbo(s)

Chevy LS3 V8 in the C6 Corvette. 6.2L V8, 430hp, top speed of 190 (weight and aerodynamics), 0-60 4.2 sec. And it gets 25 hwy mpg. It's NA.