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Originally Posted by hubble bubble View Post
Its the drive for fuel economy standards, especially the 2016 regulations in NA, that are driving the modern push to Turbos. The give the milage of small engine when not pushed, the power of bigger engines when pushed. But the more you boost the engine, the more stress you put on it.

My current e90 (335i with Dinan stage 2) will also likely be my last BMW. Not so much because of the Turbos, and the run flat tires, and not having a proper dip stick, and broken door actuators, and bad high-pressure-fuel-pumps, is partly the ongoing list of things that go wrong, partly that BMW seems to be more interested in the "snob" value than the driving dynamics.
Good points..Forgot about the missing dip stick.What happened to the magazine netting??Flashlight in the Box??Rest feature??lol