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Software update v 2.42

So I took my car in for an oil service last week and requested to see if there were any software updates available. As it turned out, there were: my car was on version 2.38 and the current module is 2.42. So I asked them to install it. AFAIK the software updates DCT and other things.

After picking the car up, I noticed immediate improvements:

1. DCT gear shifting is definitively faster and smoother. Upshifts are lightning fast as are downshifts. There is no noticeable lag in shifting when in D mode. The downshifts in D mode are now fully sequential when slowing down. It used to be that the car would go straight from 5th to 2nd and you'd often get a little jerkiness, but now the car downshifts 5-4-3-2 sequentially. There is no reduction in throttle blip. The overall DCT feels more responsive.

2. Acceleration seems smoother and noticeably more responsive, almost as if the Power button is permanently switched on. I'm yet to try it with the Power button actually turned on but if this is anything to go by, it will be amazing.

3. There are some updates to iDrive, the phone functions are a little more streamlined. I also had the map update done and now the maps show buildings in 3-D

Overall the car seems to fulfill its potential that much more, I was happy with the DCT but now it seems to be just that much better.

If you haven't already done so, I recommend you request the update on your next service.