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Eating My Own Excrement

The other morning I got up and I had to have a heaping, fat, gelatinous bowl of fresh excrement straight from myself.

And I was HAPPY about it!

Dipping the spoon in, the taste was beautiful….

You see, I have been ranting about the disappointing M3 reviews and I believe, I even referred to it as a piece of sh*t….. I did leave “wiggle” room by saying numerous times, I hoped I would be proven wrong, and that I hoped that I would ending up eating sh*t later on when more judicious tests were run.

Enough tests have been run, and in the mean time I have been studying the Audi and C63 hard…. The tests have made me into a raving imbecile. Meaning, I was wrong!

Sorry, I was fu**ing WRONG! God bless my tortured soul!! Forgive me people… I have seen the light. I’m back in the M3 saddle. I like the sedan pic at

And that’s for ME! (the coupe’ is too boy racer for me… just too “age 29” for my tastes) The M3 is respected on the street. Here in Newport Coast, the C Class gets you the “oh my, my, my… you couldn’t afford an E Class?” look.
The M3… is an M3. It’s on its own. And the bottom line? NO MAINTENANCE costs and it looks 20,000 times better then the MBZ.

I don’t give a rats sh*t about an Audi being .000000000000002 quicker or the C63 for that matter.

1. THAT would be all in the race
2. THAT would be subjective to that test, on THAT track, at THAT ambient
3. And in the real world, it would be the driver.
Sigh. Me sorry. Never say no-thing about de’ M3 bad o-gain….