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Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
Get this - I had Eibach installed a couple weeks ago by a suspension & wheel specaility shop & told them to put on the 12mm spacers in back & 15mm in front. I pick up the car and notice they are put the 15mm in the rear. I asked them about it & the owner trys to tell me "it is illegal" to put a lager spacer on front than rear, & refuse to do it. So we have a few words and, because they still owe me the alignment, I don't get too off the handle. I'm having BMW put it right tomorrow along with my 1200 mile service.

There's no rubbing with 12 in front & 15 in back either.

You can't reason with some locals. They are hardheaded.
Actually, installing those spacers the way you wanted could be as illegal in Germany as installing the wrong snow tires in winter. Their TUV and modification laws are no joke...