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Originally Posted by DjZotic View Post
Don't really know where you heard that nonsense from , but I own a Revinora R-GTS front lip which is made ONLY out of carbon fiber and epoxy resin , and it is made in Los angels CA . As far as for "mode carbon" they ship parts over from china (like a lot of the retail vendors) which has only a cosmetic layer of carbon fiber , and the rest is plain old fiberglass , made with polyester resin (surfboard resin). I have had first experience with both parts and manufacture . As I will say and many other happy customers on the boards will say is Revinora and other NON-CHINA MADE BRANDS are quality made and worth the wait and money
Wrong. A friend of mine told me that his revinora lip was bad quality that's why I'm saying this. He ended up selling his lip before he even installed it. Mode Carbon makes real carbon fiber pieces you are very misinformed.
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