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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Audi has surpassed BMW but Caddy have only equalled them.
Honestly 5-10 years ago, if someone told me Caddy would make a car that slightly beat a BMW "M" car. I would have laughed in their face. Consider the price difference, I say the CTS-V is one hell of a value. I give them tremendous credit, well done GM.

On side note: Does anyone have the MPG comparison?

Originally Posted by footie View Post
I don't want to sound arrogant but Americans except a standard which we in Europe wouldn't, like the fit and finish of American cars, they are improved for the European market (i.e. built with better materials). Maybe those that do buy from else where expect higher standards from their European products and may be expecting too much, remember there is a huge price difference between buying US and buying European. Also you are a very patriotic bunch which may explain why they is so many US brands near the top.

Flame suit ON.
Keep in mind, you are talking to Americans that are driving BMWs. We drive BMWs for many reasons, one of them being fit and finish. But I will admit GM is trying to address this problem. The new CTS is built to a highter standard, it still could use improvement. But from the pics I have seen of the CTS-V interior, it looks like it maybe the best GM interior to date.

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