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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Not wanting to wave the Audi flag but on every comparison test involving the RS6 with the M5 the win has went to the big Audi on every track and the win has been more than this small half a second we see here.

Audi has surpassed BMW but Caddy have only equalled them.

If you can show a similar test of your beloved RS6 vs. M5 (i.e. race drivers on the same day at the same track), you are wasting text trying to convince people, that the RS6 is superior.

EDIT: The problem with magazine racing is that it never takes into account driver and conditions. This is why this test is awesome. Also if you were to believe the 7:58 from Cadillac, a magazine racer would have believe the CTS-V blows away the M5, which it doesn't.
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