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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Wow, that is crazy. The CPO guys didn't even notice it!? That's a cool bonus for you. Installation was a pain, but I still am so happy I got to do it. I saved a couple hundred from a stereo install guy 'trying' to figure out exactly what I wanted. And I get the impression they figure out how the different dash/door/trunk panels eject just like you would. Might as well enjoy tinkering as much as I can, right?

Pics to come!
They obviously didn't notice, since they were selling a vehicle with equipment illegal in that state and most others. The dealer was in NY and it was somewhat hard to find LSB as it had just been discontinued. I bought the car sight unseen. When it arrived it had the full hardwired radar detector systems front and rear, and front mounted Laser Interceptor.

You'd think they'd at least mention the equipment or something, if not actually tell me how to use it - it was going absolutely nuts all the time while I was driving and I couldn't find the source for weeks until I found the LEDs and switch hidden underneath the armrest. Then I toyed around with it and realized what it was. I was so pumped when I found out how lucky I was

With this system, I've driven right past a stationary cop, pointing his laser gun right at me while I whisk by him going 65+ in a 45, while I see him aiming and re-aiming his gun at me to try to get a reading. He didn't even bother to get in his car.

So yeah, my goal is to recreate that system on my new car. This time I have to do it myself, but thankfully for this awesome forum, I now can
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