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Originally Posted by Adeybbc View Post
Nice install - looks pretty discreet to me. Does this install allow you to JTK so you can slow down after the alert and let them take a reading?
Thanks! Yep, the mute button will kill the lasers for 2 minutes when you press it twice.

Originally Posted by PrometheusM3 View Post
Thanks for doing this. I am planning on installing some sort of laser shifter on my E92 when it arrives (my E46 had one since I bought it), so I would appreciate the step-by-step, if you don't mind.
You got it. The E92 will be easier than the E93 for the simple fact that my trunk opens from the front AND the back for the top. It took a lot of thought to make sure I wasn't going to tear the cable in 2 when the top goes up/down.

Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
Another option with mounting that I have done is drill into the RPI scoops andi ins underneath. Completely hidden from the eye and any road debris while still being close to the lights
I saw some installs that did this! It looks great, but people expressed concern that the slats of the grill would not allow a perfect view of the road. If yours is working well you lucked out. I would prefer your way but was worried I wouldn't get the emitters to spread across the road completely.

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I would love to do this but hate the big ugly black boxes that you have to attach to the front.
I agree with your opinion. They boxes are large, but it's good insurance against being caught speeding without realizing. And the only one that really bothers me is the one on the rear plate. It's too obvious, but I'm looking for a plate frame that has more substance I can modify so it looks more built into it rather than just sitting there on top.

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