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Glad you are happy with the jack stands. If Torin wanted to they could offer the stands with the blocks on top instead of the generic flat-topped saddles for the same price as the standard stands. Then you could buy these from NT for $80 or the bookstore for $60. But the fact of the matter is that the T43004 stands have almost zero sales volume compared to the steel ones that sell for $20 or less per pair. If you go to the Torin website, the T43004 is not even shown as one of the available jack stand products.

The reason I have to charge a premium for the stands is that retrofitting the blocks onto the stands is not a very efficient process. First I have to take delivery of the consumer packaged stands. Then after opening a pallet full of cartons I need to separate the inner and outer tubes, drill the the holes in the saddles on a lathe with a spindle hole large enough to accommodate the tube, remove the spring loaded pins that keep the inner and outer tubes together, and mount the block. Then I have to modify the carton since the stands with the block won't fit back into the original package. Finally, there is the outbound shipping cost.

It's nice to hear that some people appreciate the results of my efforts despite the obscene price I have to charge to get this product to your doorstep.

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Sorry for the delay, thanks for the quick shipping. These jack-stands are spot on. Should have bought these a long time ago. Highly recommend, worth the extra $ over stands that don't fit our cars.

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