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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
did the car you drove have the sport diff? the one i test drove did not, and i really really did not like the car. the steering was very light and the car had a lot of body roll and felt huge.

it is very very different than the m3 imo. a c63 kinda feels like a split between the two cars.

i would also recommend you try a 335i because i personally find the steering much better and the fun factor of a RWD car much higher than the awd audi. the audi is too big and loose imoALSO, if you plan on modding, think again. the TD1 deal with audis is apparently the real deal, and they are automatically voiding warranties on any aftermarket work done at all. any aftermarket software etc automatically triggers a code they call TD1 and is flagged on your account which results in the warranty being pulled

TBH, id say your best option is to keep waiting for the new m3 to come out. it will be much more fun to drive than the audi.
Funny you say that, Carlos Largo is saying the exact opposite in this matchup of the S4 against the new 335i, he clearly prefere the steering feel and handling of the S4! He also prefer the S4 overhall package to the new 335!

Also about modding the S4, if you need more power, there's Stasis that makes a tune to bring the power to 410hp and they match your manifacture warranty! They also offer handling and braking mods, also with warranty! Your best option if you're thinking of modding i think!