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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Yes, I mounted PSCs on the stock 19" wheels for my last track even for the year, which was an intensive driving school, which means that we did 1x30min and 3x45min session on one day. My brief write-up is here:

To summarize, PSCs last considerably longer than the PS2s in terms of not getting greasy. It would take only about 10-12 minutes of hard driving for PS2s to get all soft. PSCs pretty much lasted 30 mins or so, but got somewhat greasy after that as well. Also, I was a little under a second faster I think, but it is hard to say exactly. You definitely feel them biting harder on slow speed tight corners.

I was actually looking for a set of 18" wheels with the proper offsets that I could mount R compound tires on, and could not find any except for what Turner had, which was way too expensive. My search back then was documented here:

I will most likely start out with the PSCs next season, and once we have some good 18" wheel alternatives for the E9X M3, switch to a track setup then.

I am not sure if I should go with 18x9.5 with 275/35, or 18x10 with 275/35 or 285/30 all around. The turner car had 18x10 with 275/35 had all around. I think 25mm offset should clear in either case, but I'd like to know for sure.
Lucid, I checked your other posts and didn't see - Did you go with PSC+ or straight PSC? If you went straight PSC, what sizes did you get?