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I have only done 2 trackdays this year in and the E92.I used the Toyo R888's in 255/35-18 on 8.5 up front & 265/35 -18 on 9.5 on the rear.They are a easy to drive tire that you can bring back in very easily once you go over the edge but I did not think the grip level was very high compared to the Hoosier R6's and Kuhmo 710's that I have run on previous cars.You cound get about 5 minutes of hard running before the tires would fall off about 1-2 seconds a lap.I am not sure that the wear will be any better on these than the previous 2 Ultra performance track tires.The car was also quite loose with this setup and did not put down the power very well exiting from 2nd gear corners but at least that was fun
I also did a sopping wet day on my stock 19" PS2's and I was blown away at how well these tires worked.Virtually no aquaplaning and wonderful feedback which made it very easy to go quite quick.The stock setup gave fairly good balance alternating between light understeer and oversteer while trail braking and with throttle application.The real interesting thing is that the tires wore quite a bit in 3 sessions on a totally soacked track.Quite impressed!
I think that for next year I will be going with a larger setup F&R,but that depends on the sizing that is available here in Canada.From what I have seen I do not think a "square" setup would be the way to go with how neutral the car is with the staggered setup that I have run this year.I run with all the electronic nannies off all the time on track and I am quite aggresive so maybe my needs are quite different than other peoples.