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Track tires - what were your experiences?

I did a search recently on E9x M3 track tires on this board and I found a few different types in use. The longest reviews were really about the car itself and not about tires, but the tires got considerable comment as well.

I got to wondering how everybody that used them felt about them now that we're in the inter-season gap. That's the time when we figure out what the plan for next year will be - will I do the 2008 plan again or will I change to something else that should work better?

Personally, I'm in the second group - I want something better next year.

I ended up with a square set of Bridgestone RE-01R's in 265/35x18 on a set of 18x9.5" ET25 rims. They were brilliant for the first 5 laps or so then they got greasy, even with a lot of messing with tire pressures. The M3 is just too heavy and powerful for them, or maybe they're a great autocross tire but not a road-track success. Don't get me wrong - they kept me in the pack every time out, but they were a lot if work to drive.

I know a couple of you guys were very happy with your BFG R1's and I saw one comment about Toyo R888's as well. Are you guys still happy now that the season is a memory, your tires are shot, and next year's out there with the option of choosing over again? For instance, does anyone have experience with the Michelin PS Cups that were made for the car? Very pricey and a good reputation, but did anyone on this board actually use them? How was it?

My working theory for next year will be 275/35x18 BFG R1's (square) on 9.5"x18ET25 rims.

Would anyone suggest I'm heading in the wrong direction?