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Originally Posted by gmund1948 View Post
I would wager you have not driven the 08 Corvette, Or the M3 have you ?
Drove a '93 Z28. I heard it's a same setup as '08 Z0666.

You ignored the parts about Porsche using the same technology in suspensions as they have for 50 years !
Actually I addressed it between the lines in my previous post, but I can do it more directly. Porsche handled well back in 13th century, let alone now. In comparison to corvette (or BMW for that matter), it used a superior design since its inception. With generations they optimized, reduced immense, both understeer and oversteer on kill-yourself 930 and just built upon their racing heritage, which is the reason all P-cars nowadays are considered Rolex of track cars.

On the other hand, take American icon like Stingray - it never was a model of great handling car, just powerful straight line muscle car. Much like Porsche continued its path of great handling cars, chevy did also with power, which is why you don't see too many people drag racing their 911 turbos as you do people in supercharged C5 Z06s and C6 and bla bla bla...

BMW has a winner in the New M3, Chevy has brought the Vette to levels
that amaze, My question is how you can rate handling without driving a car?
Reading is fundamental, so they say. Oh, wait, is that a wrong answer?

This is not fantasy football, people make decisions from some facts they can glean from this forum, and misinformation, or information pulled out of some magazine articles doesn't mean you can't have an opinion its your right

Basing a conclusion on information where you have some experience but have not actually tested something else is well ah misleading

Agreed. You are entitled to your opinion 100%, especially since you drove both cars, but on the other hand I would not so easily discredit opinions of those who have read and researched a lot. Collectively, a certain product or "thing" is deemed as good or bad, as the average of all the opinions.
Most of the magazine car reviewers have extensive car design experience or have worked for a long time in automotive industry, not to mention substantial track time. These people are professionals in their field and do this for living. On average their review of the car will be far more accurate than a weekend racer's opinion. I purposely say on average, as reviewers are not all created equal.

I can respect a lot of cars, learned from being a Porsche snob that there is a lot more than one marque. I had never owned a Corvette, I had not owned a BMW since a 2002 Tii and now own a 335 vert and will add the M3

The best thing you can do is drive some other cars without concern to who makes them, If you are a track guy, do It there

Maybe you will see there are a lot of choices
I respect a corvette for what it is, just as I respect a crown vic for being a great taxi car. Nothing more, nothing less.
I like BMWs, but I am not a fanboy, as you might classify me.