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[quote=malter2.0;2143754](E90 325i handles better than E36 M3. It is newer and better optimized design). Taking all this into account M3 is few million light years ahead of vette. It was since E21 generation.

Sure, vette is fast and has tons of grip, but it is infinitely more unstable in the corner if it gets upset, and you better be a master of opposite lock if back end drifts away. Inherent design of leaf springs will always lag behind handling prowess of multi-link rear.

My opinion is that corvette makes up for its lack of better suspension design with more rubber. C6 Z06 carries 275s front and 325/30 series back. Now compare that to NEW M3, 245f/265b. So now you have a lighter car with more rubber. Even if you had truck suspension (which you do heh) you would grip so much more to the point where even mediocre suspension would stop being a bottleneck. Put the same tires on the heavier M3 and see how it would compare on the track. It would be a comical comparison at that point.

There is nothing wrong with old technology. I wouldn't doubt if vette has more durable and sturdier suspension, especially for street. M3s need suspension replacement every 50k to handle like they do. M3 probably has dozen more bushings than a Vette, none of which help with durability.
LSX engines aren't even remotely as maintenance needy as I-6 or the new V8I could go on...but to draw parallels that old technology suspension is equivalent to handling of newer designs is absurd. It works, it is durable, it handles decently, but lets leave it at that.

I would wager you have not driven the 08 Corvette, Or the M3 have you ?
You ignored the parts about Porsche using the same technology in suspensions as they have for 50 years !

BMW has a winner in the New M3, Chevy has brought the Vette to levels
that amaze, My question is how you can rate handling without driving a car ?

This is not fantasy football, people make decisions from some facts they can glean from this forum, and misinformation, or information pulled out of some magazine articles doesn't mean you can't have an opinion its your right

Basing a conclusion on information where you have some experience but have not actually tested something else is well ah misleading

I can respect a lot of cars, learned from being a Porsche snob that there is a lot more than one marque. I had never owned a Corvette, I had not owned a BMW since a 2002 Tii and now own a 335 vert and will add the M3

The best thing you can do is drive some other cars without concern to who makes them, If you are a track guy, do It there

Maybe you will see there are a lot of choices
TELL me what real drivers training do you have besides your State Drivers License ?