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Interesting comments but I don’t agree with you on the following:

Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
If the word handling was such subjective term as you perceive it to be, we might as well place F-350 dually as the ultimate handling machine or maybe Ford fusion or any deviation thereof. My M3 rides on 550lb springs and poly bushings. I classify its handling as mediocre at best, certainly not because it will be faster on track than average car, but because handling entails so much more than how fast you go around the track. Level of damping, rebound, braking balance, weight shift and overall optimization is all part of the equation.
But damping, rebound, braking balance, and weight shift and optimization does dictate how fast you go around the track, if a car is not well balanced it will not put the power down well around corners, it will not post a good time, now some cars take more finesse and skill to drive fast, while others are easier to post good numbers, unfortunately the vette is a tricky car to drive fast, because the power can put you sideways real fast, ask me how I know.

Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
Sure, vette is fast and has tons of grip, but it is infinitely more unstable in the corner if it gets upset, and you better be a master of opposite lock if back end drifts away. Inherent design of leaf springs will always lag behind handling prowess of multi-link rear.
Yes leaf springs is old technology, but in the 24 hrs of Lemans in the GT1 class:

vette 2nd place

vette 1st and 7th

vette 1st and 2nd

1st and 2nd

the competitors that race in the GT1 class all use multi-link rear suspension,
Aston Martin
Ferrari, who?, yes Ferrari
Yet wow look how well the vette finishes each year, mind you it's a different suspension, but if the ZO6 did not have a good suspension, it would not do such a good time on the ring, 7:42, which is only 4 seconds slower than the mighty GTR.

Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
My opinion is that corvette makes up for its lack of better suspension design with more rubber. C6 Z06 carries 275s front and 325/30 series back. Now compare that to NEW M3, 245f/265b. So now you have a lighter car with more rubber. Even if you had truck suspension (which you do heh) you would grip so much more to the point where even mediocre suspension would stop being a bottleneck. Put the same tires on the heavier M3 and see how it would compare on the track. It would be a comical comparison at that point.
nope, the regular vette, uses 245 in front and 285 in the rear, and handles better than the M3, also if you change those run flats to regular tires like in the M3 you get much better grip and road feel and breaking. The biggest problem I have with the vette is the tires, but I’m not going to better tires, due to the fact I have no spare.

Originally Posted by malter2.0 View Post
There is nothing wrong with old technology. I wouldn't doubt if vette has more durable and sturdier suspension, especially for street. M3s need suspension replacement every 50k to handle like they do. M3 probably has dozen more bushings than a vette, none of which help with durability.
I think the vette’s suspension is just as fragile as any other, but one thing about the leaf springs is the ride sucks, but hey I knew what I was buying and I can live with it.

but you are 100% right if I was to scrap my leaf springs and go with coil overs I would handle and ride much better than now, damn, now I have to break my piggy bank, just when I thought I was done modding my car.

and to my knowledge the M3 will have per side on the rear suspension
2 upper control arms
1 lower
1 tailing arm
1 track bar
that is only 11 bushings inlcluding the one on the knuckle

just for your information

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