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Originally Posted by gmund1948 View Post
anything that is not modern is not good?

Take my 1994 Porsche 911 RSAmerica that has basically the same suspension as the 1964 911 in front and a 1952 Porsche 356 in the rear and will handle as well as any E36 or earlier M-3 and stay with many E-46 Ms on a track.

I drove a e92 M3 hard for nearly an hour on Sunday, followed by the 08 Corvette Z-51 and followed by the E93 335I.

I am glad I ordered the M-3, it is fantastic,a true super coupe or sedan. The Corvette however has much cleaner lines and is fun to toss around it is more of a super car feel. The Z-06 is almost too much.

I am a true M-3 believer, and was as ignorant and as stubborn as you are in acknowledging the Corvette as a world class sports car, I talked trash about
Vettes until I took one out on a track. \\

If you refuse to try you refuse to learn,

That said, since you likely had to look-up the direction the leaf-springs
on a vette were facing but not why they are part of the design then
then you allow yourself to be uneducated. Old Technology is not so bad
My house in Germany was built using a brick design that dates back 500
years, holds heat in the winter, and is cool in the summer. The Beer I drink is a 600 year old recipe.

There is much danger in keeping a closed mind