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I appreciate everyone's comments. As far as the hanging aspect of the product, I feel as though it is viable for some people who have small garages such as a situation as my own. As I said earlier in the post, I feel as though the shield that has 3M on the back that sticks to the wall will sell much more as it is much more convenient to put up.

As far as the aesthetics go, I have paid for a very sexy logo to be designed that will be 12 x 12 that will go on both sides of the shield. I think that's definitely where marketing comes into play. I have seen products that have thrived not because of how well they work; but, because of the way they look and the way they appeal to the consumer's mind.

What I would say to someone who put foam on their wall is that if our product is 19.99-24.99 which I hope it will be; it will last longer, its made out of a higher quality material, and I'm hoping it will look sexy enough that you will enjoy slamming your car door into it.

Also, to reiterate the products you guys are posting may work in a conventional manor; however, skins333 brought up a great point in the fact that they have to look awesome too, and these products also lack the marketing luster that would catch the public's eye.