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Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
I'll take your bet, Peter!
I have had significant opposite lock moments changing up with DCT on a wet bend!
I almost think the DCT driver is more likely to have this sort of incident because the ease of shifting mid bend actually encourages you to do it.
In S5 the kick on upshifts is definitely sufficient to disturb the back end when trying.
One of the m3cutters wrote off his car because he upshifted whilst going over a small crest in a moderate corner...might have had full traction control on, I think
I'm betting the common factor is the incorrect choice of gearbox setting. If you want to shift mid gear WOT in MDM at the edge of grip then you absolutely must be in S2. For this sort of driving I wouldn't dream of using S4 or S5 and even S3 can give a little kick. You can also use a DCT S2 upshift to quell power oversteer in a bend.
My one single gripe with the DCT is that S3 should be S2 upshifts combined with S4 "drive it like you stole it" dry weather setting is S2 and MDM but then you have to H&T the dry setting is S4 and MDM...wet is S2.

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