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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
In a manual true...with DCT not.
The reason instructors tell you not to shift mid-corner in driver's school is because instructors don't have death wishes (I've been in the side seat in some fast stuff and no way am I taking somebody I don't have very high confidence in and telling them to try to manage a very complicated piece of car control when most students are barely managing to reach the limit and when they do it's by accident). But really there is nothing wrong with shifting mid-corner in any car if you compensate for it properly, and a WOT shift on a DCT car can be just as disruptive to the driver who just gases and goes with no regard to weight transfer, brief as it is with DCT there's still a change in the power delivery even with the nice linear delivery of the S65. I can't imagine how disruptive it must be on the S63TU cars with that huge lump of torque lurking in the next gear...

Bottom line, you still have to drive the car...unless you leave the nannies on and let it sort it out for you, and nanny intervention seems more obvious in the MT cars to me maybe because the DCT car's computers can manage shift abruptness and torque at the same time so you're less likely to ever notice what you did was a bonehead move. The MT car is totally powerless to control what happens when you operate the clutch and gearshift, all it can do is play with power output and brakes and it has to leave you more control of the throttle to execute the shift, so you're more likely to expose your weaknesses

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