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Originally Posted by TxStig View Post
When I did my plugs the plug in cylinder #1 on the passenger side in the front was a little loose. It defintiely was not as tight as it should of been and it had a little bit of oil blow by.

I tightened to 28N-m with my little torque wrench and that felt pretty good from a gudentight point of view.
Oh, interesting. Thanks for the heads up. When I changed mine (the stock one), they were nice and tight but that was the first time I changed the plugs on this engine so I don't really know or have a reference point to how tight they should be. Do you mind teaching me a bit on how to identify that it was not tight enough or blow by? I did notice the threads are a bit damp compare to the honda engines that I have changed plugs on before. I just thought the engine mixture ratio were different between the 2. Thanks in advance for your help.