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Definitely Audi is gaining the upper hand with regard to the A4/S4, A6/S6, and A8/S8 vis a vis the new generation BMWs across several comparison tests (and vis-a-vis the consumer). So far the E9x M3 has remained untouchable, but that too will probably change with the F80. It's almost like a perfect role-reversal and a little troubling given BMW had a nearly 50 year dynasty of producing performance sedans that were beyond reproach. Audi has strived to become BMW while BMW is trying to be more like Audi. Short term that will probably work for BMW, but longer-term any company in any industry that abandons its core values or tries to be something else usually doesn't pan out well. Even in the case of Porsche, whom people give a lot of heat for SUVs, large sedans, etc, is still building performance category leaders embracing and emphasizing Porsche's core performance strengths that it built up over decades. The 911 is the epitome of this philosophy...Porsche invested in the same styling/engine setup since the early 60s and faced a ton of criticism for sticking to and reinvesting in the formula until all of a sudden, they nearly perfected the car (despite the 'suboptimal' back of the rear axle engine setup).

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