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It was a pleasure meeting everyone!!! Fantastic group of people to do a cruise with

Hopefully I can join you all again in the future. Big thanks to RO_Turbo for setting this up, dnotorious for doing a great job as leader of the pack (always telling us when turns are coming up with a nice mix of humour...and trivia! lol), and JulieDriving for navigating me back to the 401 to make it my next meet. I ended up making it to my other meet in time to see everyone there as well

It was a solid mixture of people of different ages and backgrounds that made the conversations and lunch break interesting and entertaining How much for insurance?! What can cops do when off-duty? What should we be weary of when traveling on the Autobahn?

Thanks again for introducing me to a new place in Ontario. Loved it. I tried uploading pics, but it keeps giving me an error (reduced the size of the pics already). Been trying for the past hour Ill try again later tonight.