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Originally Posted by Straight Dave View Post
Maybe it's just me but comfortable cars are overrated. The car is a machine, a hunk of metal supposed to make you feel alive, not comfortable.
sound familliar. I was saying the same thing 2-3 years ago. but after DD my e46 m3 for 2 years, I regret what I said.

Trust me, ride comfort is very important in any car. once you DD them for a long time, your back gave up, your ears gone deaf, and you couldn't put up with all the cons of DD driving a sport car, you will have a different view.

I don't miss the low profile tires everytime there is pot holes, noisy exaust, harsh ride, rev constantly to speed up, special attention needed when parking in mall, etc.....

The perfect DD for me is a mid size SUV with enough ground clearance, dual clutch, meaty tires (atleast 55 thick), ride comfort and quiet like an S class, 0-60 4 seconds, handle like a GTR. that doesn't exist yet, but the cayenne turbo come close with about 30k of factory extra options and some aftermarket tuning.

everything else GTR, GT3RS, M3, C63 AMG, etc.....I consider them weekend car. Don't have patience to deal with all the headache mentioned above.