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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
Yeah.... I know! I would have loved an M3 + the C63, but I can't justify an M3 as my "daily beater" -- I did try! And, the M3 and C63 are too similar for me to justify having both. "We" (spouse and I) already have quite a variety. To have M3 + C63 is a redundancy that only means we won't be able to buy that Caterham next The M3 is a great-looking car and I love the refined V8 engine/exhaust sound -- nothing else like it IMO. But, that extra 20-grand over the 135i is 20-grand more than I want to spend on a "daily beater." The 135i will replace my Evo, which I drive 100 miles a day r/t to and from work. (dang, I love the Evo so much I might have to hold on to it!) My daily beater has to be a car I don't worry about, one that I can beat up, drive hard and park anywhere.... I just wouldn't be happy doing that with an M3. So... I made my choice in this particular "automotive genre" last year and it was the C63. As far as beaters go, I think a 135i is pretty awesome and I feel very fortunate.

The M3 is a wonderful car though and it does turn my head and perk up my ears.

And to Mako, here's a proper CONGRATS on your new car. It's ok to buy an AMG "Benz." Life is short, sample what you can, learn what truly makes you happy
hahaha..Completly understand man. I too used to have an Evo, but I gave it up to get my M3. I wish I could've kept the Evo......But unfortunately I can only afford the one car that makes me the most happy like you said.....