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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
Beautiful thing for me is I can drive an M3 whenever I want (parents live 30 minutes away, so I can drop off the kid and switch cars for the weekend since my dad just got a M3 E92).

with all the same options the E90 would have stickered at $68,200 with gas guzzler, the Mercedes stickered at $68,080, so you are right there is a $120 difference , of course the gas guzzler on the C63 is almost double the M3).

The biggest discount I could have gotten on the M3 was $4K putting it at $64,200, the price before taxes on my C63 was $54,700, not add $1500 to that because I wanted maintenance included and you are at $56,200 which is a difference of $8,000 plus $600 more in taxes!

Guys I am still a big fan of the M3, but the C63 is just as nice to me for $8600 cheaper, so I bought it (although the tire thing is bothering me, gotta find some decent tires to use, the OEM only last 5,000 miles!) I don't track my cars more than twice a year, so the advantage on the track for the M3 was not really an advantage to me.
With such deep discounts, I wonder what the monthly lease payments would be. I saw somewhere that the money factor for the C63 is quite high while residual on a 36 month lease is less than 50% Maybe it's a good deal if you buy.