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Originally Posted by warzilla View Post
Couple of questions:

- What was the MSRP of the M3 sedan you spec-ed out? (since you are saying you paid $8500.00 less then a comparable M3 sedan)

- You said you paid $59,000.00 plus $1,500.00 for maint package. This makes a total of $60,500.00. Was this including the taxes and fees? If yes, what was the buying price of the car?


Seems you really wanted the M3 since this post gives me the impression you're justifying the purchase of the c63 base on cost and your personal situation. You tested both cars, you brought the happy with the choice. But it is a M3 board so you know what I think you should have brought
Beautiful thing for me is I can drive an M3 whenever I want (parents live 30 minutes away, so I can drop off the kid and switch cars for the weekend since my dad just got a M3 E92).

with all the same options the E90 would have stickered at $68,200 with gas guzzler, the Mercedes stickered at $68,080, so you are right there is a $120 difference , of course the gas guzzler on the C63 is almost double the M3).

The biggest discount I could have gotten on the M3 was $4K putting it at $64,200, the price before taxes on my C63 was $54,700, not add $1500 to that because I wanted maintenance included and you are at $56,200 which is a difference of $8,000 plus $600 more in taxes!

Guys I am still a big fan of the M3, but the C63 is just as nice to me for $8600 cheaper, so I bought it (although the tire thing is bothering me, gotta find some decent tires to use, the OEM only last 5,000 miles!) I don't track my cars more than twice a year, so the advantage on the track for the M3 was not really an advantage to me.