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2009 M3 vs C63 in stock prices

well I am still a hardcore M fan (have owned an M Coupe and M roadster in the past) but this weekend decided to buy a C63 over the M3. It broke my heart to not get a M3, but I have driven both and the performance is outstanding on both, I might go to the tracks once a year, so this is more for everyday driving and I had to get a sedan, the difference between the two to me was marginal.

Anyway the best price I could find on a M3 sedan was invoice, After e-mailing several Mercedes dealerships and using one against another I was able to get $12,400 off a loaded (minus compt package) C63. Paid $59,000 out the door (plus $1500 for a 4 year maint package). The car's MSRP was $66,880.

I know everyone on here are M3 fans but after crunching the numbers I paid about $10,000 less than I could have gotten a M3 E90 for, equipped the same with the same MSRP, both brand new 2009s. Even factoring in the $1500 I paid for the maintanence its a $8,500 price difference. Sounds like Mercedes is giving $8K directly to the dealers right now to move 2009 models out the door. I might have even gotten a few hundred more off but it was already 2 days e-mailing and the dealers were all starting to get pissed at me I love the car and am happy with it, my wife knows I will eventually get a M3 or the new M5s when I am done with this, but made me agree to keep it at least 3 years

I know most of you will say the M3 is still worth $8500 more but with a 6 month old baby and possibly another kid on the way soon, that $8500 can go a long way. And my father actually just bought a E92 M3, and said he will trade cars with me whenever I want