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It depends on the JC, some are very tough and excellent and others are just ass and full of idiots. Bullshit clases like English tend to be easier at JC, but science classes are pretty tough depending on the professor. BTW most employers won't care if you went to a JC and you had transfered out to a good 4 year school. It matters where you got your degree from at the end.....does not matter where you started.

I have several cousins (who are now doctors) that went to a JC, transferred to a good 4 year school and moved onto medical school. The JC they went to is one of the best in the state and the professors are hard as shit.

You can clearly tell silvergray545 is a snob by the way he wrote his post. What university doesn't have kids that come to class drunk/high and kids that are not dedicated to learning? I am sure almost ALL universities have that. The funny thing is he is acting like he is some sort of badass brainiac but in reality he is an accounting major lmfao! Good job bro you are going to a top 25th ranked school to become an accountant, have fun with that in life. Enjoy paying those loans for the rest of your life, newsflash accountants don't make that much money. What a tard.

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