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Originally Posted by Desert_Fox
So I grew up in San Diego and did fairly well in high school, had a 29 ACT and like 3.9 weighted GPA. I was able to get into UC Santa Barbara, which is actually a pretty decent school (top ten public university in country). I had to work hard in high school to get my grades, but much harder in college to get by. I regularly have 6-10 page papers due for each of my classes and if you don't study it's basically a guaranteed D to F for just about any class. That's not a big deal though because I was expecting college to be a challenge.

My question is do you guys think community college can be considered like a 4 year university in terms of difficulty or challenge? All my friends decided to enroll in the local JC and I swear their assignments are a f*cking joke. Half the tests are take-home multiple choice and some professors have elementary school-esque finals like a squirt gun fight. Not to mention they only go to class twice a week for the same amount of units im currently taking. It doesn't even seem fair that they can transfer to a 4 year with taking such easy classes, especially compared to the kids who had to work hard in high school to get in to college. I tell them they're going to be screwed if they actually can transfer to a 4 year college because the difference between what they're doing and what im expected to complete is staggering.

Maybe im being too harsh on them? It just seems like they have so much free time and easy work, if I were a lazier person i'd just go to CC.
Depends on the school you go to, i went to a small jc and now at a private school. My jc was much more difficult than the school I am now at
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