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Community colleges are a joke. I'm pretty sure it's just a GPA builder to get you into a university.

The community college by me only offers 2 year degrees. You have to get a Bachelors from a university. I always assumed losers went to that community college. My parents pushed me to go there for 2 years instead of going straight to a university. I refused to. I wanted to spend my time at a university that would impress future employers when looking for a job. My parents wanted me to go to a community college because each credit hour cost $98 dollars. I coughed up the money and went to a university of my choice.

Just last year, my younger brother was in his senior year of high school and he decided to do post secondary. (Not sure if all of you know, but post secondary is where you take a couple classes at the high school and take a couple classes at an actual college. Basically, you earn college credits while you're still in high school.) So he went to the local community college that I just talked about (that was the only option available). He told me that my assumptions were right. The people that were just there to say they're in college. Some people weren't dedicated to learning. Some were always drunk and/or high. Classes were a complete joke. I don't remember ever seeing him study. When he graduated high school, he ran as fast as he could from that place. He transfered to an awesome university and he's loving it.

I'm an accounting major. The school's accounting program that I go to is ranked top 25 in the nation. And trust me, employers notice. Better schools have more difficult programs to weed out the people that are not capable. You're a smart kid. Stick with it and you'll do well.