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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
True some times and most often they do. Im not sure why so many people get upset that another persons car "sits" lol. Some people drive them, and others buy 10 FORD GT's and never drive them only to list them on ebay 7 years later. The 458 was a trophy to me. But it was also a quick car to flip and own for 6 months. I don't see myself being another Ferrari owner. The attention is not me. Been there done that. I only say that because I have found such love for the ZR1, GT-R and other cars you can beat the living crap out of and give you just as much speed and sense of thrill. While the ferrari was a trophy to me, its also a "look at me status" which many people do like. When I go to the golf club for lunch or dinner, everyone sitting there has cigars and pays attention to "who drives up in the most expensive Rolls Royce" etc. I hate that. I have contemplated getting a turbo diesel Golf that runs off fast food restaurant oil and smells like tortilla chips when I pull up.

The Carrera GT was an absolute marvel I would look over and discover something new on it everyday. The insane amount of carbon work in the front end. The shifter is in the perfect location. You take your hand off the wheel and move it to the right about 4 inches and you instantly feel the shifter. Perfect placement. It makes me wonder why any cars put them down on the floor or so low. Its sound gives you chills, it is the highest perfection of Porsche engineering and represents a huge display of Porsche ability to make a performance machine.

On the other end, my business partner has an F40 and F50 in his garage. Each with less than 2000 miles. He never drives them. They are beautiful cars but they symbolize how far he has come and to him they are trophies of an era 1985-95 when he was incredibly successful. The peak in his career. They were cars he dreamed of. He is the original owner. He could tell me EVERYTHING about the car. His factory tour in italy, how he test drove the f40 and went to a week racing school at Ferrari test track, put on by Ferrari and their formula one drivers of that era. I have been begging to drive one, but we will see after the last $10,000 hose replacement service. My chances look slim.

Every car I have owned has been a progression towards moving up to something even better. Even my job is that way. What can I do better today to get farther ahead. The M3 is probably the ONLY sports car that I could live with everyday. It has the least amount of tendencies that get annoying. Great ride, good amount of power, beautiful sound. Nav works great and phone always works, heated seats. It is a brilliant car and the whole package. However I could care less when I walk out in the garage and see the Ferrari sitting. It was my dream car since I was 10 and I often do just walk outside every morning with a cup of coffee and stare at it. I have driven it on the track, but to me, its the progression of wanting more. Owning one or setting your goal on the next better thing is how all of us on Bimmerpost are the same and share the love of cars. We go from 328 to 335, then to M3's etc. I think everyone of us is driven for the next best. Whether it be mods, detailing perfection, moving up in our jobs, expensive watches, or owning a dream super car.

So my question to you is, what is your next car after the M3? 5-10 years down the road.

I agree with you on those points. Thank you for your stories. It is cool to hear from enthusiast that has experienced super/exotic cars. My M3 was a trophy to me. Owning an $85k car at 20 years old.....i felt that i made it...but....

I got rid of my M3 and i thought i would be going to something more but to be honest I wanna just go back to it since its the everyday sports car.

5 to 10 years? I dont know but in reality i think of having a family so id probably still have something like M car but with four doors. I do really love the Aventador. The cuts and the sound of that Lamborghini give me chills. Have you driven one of those?
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