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Originally Posted by em5464 View Post
Just purchased Apex wheels EC-7 9.5/10 w/ PSS 255/275. Had them road force balanced using the Hunter 9700, and today I'm getting a steering wheel vibration/trepidation at above 70 mph.

Brand new wheels and tires. I'm fuming.
I'm sure this is not normal.

I'm surprised to hear that this is a very common problem. I'm going back to the shop to get them on the Hunter machine again.
The reason for your wheel vibration is that your Apex wheels even though they are supposed to be hub centric will with out a doubt not be exact. Best way to find out is to measure the hub then the bore on the wheel see what the difference is and order yourself a set of hub centric rings to make up the difference. I bought mine here

Believe me i had 5 sets of wheels which were all supposed to be hub centric but were out by a hair but it was enough to cause vibrations which drove me insane because i switched rims, tires, multiple wheel balances without any progress and everyone blamed the rim, tire or last place to balance the car. Once i figured this out i cured my vibration problems and mutiple road force balances were a thing of the past. My steering wheels is super smooth now without any vibration.