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I'm not prepping for the end of the world or anything, but I make sure to keep my pantry stuffed to the gills even though there's just one of me. As long as I could fill the bathtubs with water i probably wouldn't have to leave the house for a month or two.

Tons of ammo, too, BTW, but that's more in prepping for another price spike or some kind of ammo regulation, but it's also good in case anyone wants to raid my pantry.

A couple months of civil unrest isn't as far fetched as it sounds. My biggest concern would be a cyber-attack on the electrical infrastructure, which'll become an increasing concern as smart-grid tech is implemented. There are pieces of hardware that are no longer manufactured in the US. It'd be chaos- no power to communicate, pump water, run the hospitals, pump fuel to move supplies, heat or cool buildings, many of which would become uninhabitable, refrigerate food, etc. People would be stuck and dying or desparate in a week. The destruction could set the economy back decades. Of course, if you could last it out, a lot of the stupid people would be dead, and a lot of the violent people would've killed each other, so it'd be a pretty nice place after a few years :P