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Well she is pretty damn cute. Remus is around 65lbs. When we got him at the end of June he was 47lbs in the shelter. They cared for him very well and trained him a lot. After a few weeks with us he started getting bigger. His little butt muscles really grew over the last few months. He gets a reaction from just about everyone we see. They just gravitate to him.

Curious about something. Dhoes she have thin hair on her head around her ears then around her eyes now? His has thinned out since we got him but only along the side of his head from his eyes to his ears. It is an even thinning and not patchy. I thought maybe he had a form of mange. We changed his diet to hypoallergenic and give him Fish oils and claritin everyday since the vet said it is likely a combo of food and environment allergy. So far nothing is helping.

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She's a Pitbull Lab mix! We also adopted her back in August 2010 after she was found abused in a bad area. She is the sweetest friendliest thing, and your dog seems like it too! He definitely seems larger though, my dog is a little over 2 years now and the vet said shes not going to get any larger..

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