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Originally Posted by FTS View Post
we actually don't know that, that is just speculation IMHO.

Are the dealers taking orders for the 918 already?
There may be some truth to that. If it is not the end it IS very close to that. The reason I say this is that there now is a very strong rumor that Porsche will be releasing yet another 911 flavor called the GT3 "S". It is rumored to have the same 500 hp Mezger but with a wide body ala RS and PDK "S". It will also run Motor-sport brakes, RSR body parts, roll bar and a host of other racing suspension tweaks. The Center Locks will be updated to a quicker more user friendly system w/5 bolts as an option. One interesting feature (don't laugh yet as I am only the messenger) is the quick detach Nav/Stereo head feature which unclips in basically less than 5 minutes to reduce weight for track days. This will save about 5-7 lbs. Very limited to numbers less than the speculated 125 US 4.0 RS cars. Either way the Mezger has seen its last days as the 9A1 will supersede.

I recall reading something that Porsche could not mate PDK to the Mezger block and find it difficult to believe they would modify the current platform to accept PDK for a very small run. Of course, Porsche HAS introduced another "special" GTS (albeit the 9A1 engine) in an AWD platform. Much of the attraction of the GTS was that it offered a wide body in a RWD package which is otherwise exclusive to very few models, i.e. GT2 and RS. Far to many flavors, imo. I guess we will see.

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