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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
This isn't a brochure per se. It is a marketing document from BMW AG to the WW dealers / salesteam. So the document is how to sell against the 911 / RS4 / C63. This particular document is just a fancy way of presenting much of the earlier marketing documents that we have seen.

When the end-customer brochures come out, I would imagine the competitive section gets removed and then the color palletes / options sections get added.
Yep, I understand it is for the salesforce, but regardless, they are still clearly after the 911. I think the best defence a BMW salesperson could have against the 911 would be to state the base price of an 911 as opposed to comparing features and so on (which is what the brochure seems to be doing for the sales people). Anyway, just a concern. Hopefully, ungrounded...